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Embrace your unique sensitivity.

Your sensitivity feels more like a burden than a gift.

Navigating life as a highly sensitive person (HSP) can be very difficult. The world we live in is loud, fast, busy, crowded, and a lot to take in! As a sensitive soul, you probably wish the world could just slow down sometimes. Or maybe you’ve wished that you could just be like everyone else and not get overstimulated so easily.

You may find yourself:
  • often needing extra time alone to recover from a draining day.
  • getting rattled when you have a lot to do in a short amount of time or when others ask too much of you.
  • easily affected by the moods of others and by sensory input like strong smells, loud noise, bright lights, and crowded spaces.
  • trying to push through your discomfort and “hold it together” to not cause an inconvenience to others. But sometimes you can’t hold it any longer and just break down.

When you have these experiences, you can’t help but see your sensitivity as a bad thing. By coming to therapy and learning more about your sensitivity, you’ll start to shift how you view your sensitive soul. HSPs have a rich inner life, feel deeply moved by art, music, and nature, and are conscientious of others and the situations around them. These gifts deserve to be seen and celebrated! 


My approach to HSP therapy

Highly sensitive people are often misunderstood and judged for their sensitivities, which can lead to self-judgment as well. Together we’ll explore any negative thoughts you’ve had towards yourself and strengthen your use of self-compassion. How different would it feel to validate your sensitivity instead of criticizing it - “life IS overwhelming, it makes sense that I can only handle so much at a time.” 

New Beliefs

You may have been told by others that “you’re too sensitive” or “toughen up” and maybe you’ve even questioned whether they were right. In our work together, we will spend time reshaping the beliefs you have around your sensitivity. Just because others aren’t as sensitive, it doesn’t mean that their way is the right way or that you need to change yourself. You’ll leave therapy with a fresh, new view of yourself. 


Instead of trying to “fix” your sensitivity, you’ll gain a true acceptance and love for it. You’ll uncover all the beautiful gifts that come with being a highly sensitive person and feel proud that this is who you are. By embracing your sensitivity, you’ll honor your true self by strengthening your boundaries, expressing your needs, and being more selective about the people and activities you choose to interact with. 

Our work together can help you...

  • See your sensitivity as a strength instead of a weakness
  • Extend self-compassion towards yourself when others do not 
  • Identify the specific triggers that are most difficult for you 
  • Strengthen boundaries around the life areas that need more protection
  • Tune into your innermost needs and and prioritize those needs for yourself
  • Learn ways to manage strong emotions to regain a sense of peace
  • Create daily rituals that fit the pace and feel of life that you truly want 

Your sensitivity is one of the most wonderful things about you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about HSP Therapy

A: HSP means “Highly Sensitive Person” and is not a disorder or diagnosis but rather an innate personal trait. It is sometimes also referred to as “Sensory-Processing Sensitivity (SPS)” which is the scientific term and is found in 15-20% of the population. Someone who is a HSP is often incorrectly labeled as shy or introverted when being a HSP is much more than that. Some traits of being a HSP include: being a deep thinker, getting easily overstimulated by things around you, feeling intense emotions and empathy, and being very observant to details. Here is a self-test you can take to better screen if you are a HSP: https://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/


Q: What does HSP mean? 

A: I understand how it can feel overwhelming to navigate life with heightened sensitivity, and it's completely normal to wonder if there's a way to "cure" or change this part of yourself. However, being an HSP is not something that can be completely cured or eradicated. Instead of focusing on "curing" your sensitivity, it's more helpful to explore ways to embrace and manage it in a way that supports your overall well-being, which we can work on together! You cannot change the trait itself, but you can adapt to it in a much better way.


Q: Can you cure someone who is a HSP?

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A: Yes, being a highly sensitive person can be confused with Anxiety Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorder, among others. It’s important to work closely with trained professionals to really tease out the differences between these classifications and to not self-diagnose. 


Q: Is being a HSP ever confused for other things? 

*Disclaimer - The contents of this page are not meant to diagnose or exclude the diagnosis of any condition. Please do not take this content as complete confirmation of being a HSP.